DV Marlow & Co - Samantha Burke

Bookkeeping is one of those tasks that’s essential for your business, but not always at the top of your ‘tasks I love’ list!  

However, with the right setup, your bookkeeping records can be a brilliant asset to your business, helping you to make crucial real-time decisions, and building a solid foundation from which your year-end process will be much more streamlined (and less costly).  
With the introduction of cloud-based bookkeeping software, bookkeeping can be simple, intuitive and automated.  

With our top tips from DVM’s resident bookkeeping expert Sam, your bookkeeping system can get up and running smoothly, making that job much easier for you. 

Tip 1: Get Accounting Software – Our favourites are Quickbooks Online (QBO) and Xero 

Why get accounting software? 

Tip 2: Head into the Cloud 

Tip 3: Consider Receipt Software – i.e. AutoEntry, Dext or Hubdoc. 

Tip 4: Set Up Bank Feeds 

Tip 5: Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help 

Final Words 

Keeping your bookkeeping up to date saves time when your VAT return, year-end accounts and tax returns are due, and helps with your business cash flow and decision-making. 

How DVM can help 

Data conversions / getting started on software: 


We have experienced staff and are always up to date with the latest accounting rules: 

Innovation and New Ideas 

We offer a fully outsourced bookkeeping service: 

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