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Blog: Preparing for business recovery: Reigniting your business after lockdown

Just as lifting lockdown can’t be rushed, neither can business recovery. There are lots of elements to take into consideration, from employee safety and concerns to implementing new systems and processes.

At D V Marlow, we have outlined a few simple steps to take to aid business recovery and reignite your business after lockdown.

Employee safety: Looking after yourself and any employees in the workplace

  • Make sure employees feel confident and safe in coming back to work. Conduct a survey before lockdown officially ends to see what their opinions are on your office space or premises, in regard to cleanliness and the ability to social distance
  • Allow a change in working hours if necessary, so workers can avoid busy commutes on public transport
  • Allow flexible working, as office space may now allow for adequate social distancing
  • Implement hygiene measures, such as sufficient hand washing stations and supplies, like hand soap, paper towels, and bins
  • Provide staff with their own cleaning equipment, such as antibacterial wipes, as well as PPE, such as face coverings and gloves
  • Create more space between desks and chairs, if there isn’t sufficient already and consider purchasing more IT equipment such as screens
  • Limit the amount of employees allowed in one room or area at any given time
  • If possible, encourage your staff to continue working from home

Technology: Utilise technology to your advantage

  • Some clients and customers may not feel happy to meet face-to-face, even after lockdown restrictions are lifted. Having the appropriate technology implemented ensures you can still continue to communicate with these clients
  • Encourage staff to utilise technology where possible, such as video calls, rather than travelling. This will save on travel costs and on time for your employee
  • If applicable, implement contactless only payment options, to limit the transit of any disease
  • Invest in online services. It’s now easier than ever to sell online and investing in robust systems and processes to do this, whether that’s an ecommerce website, or software that allows the client to sign up online, should be priority

Communication: Ensure employees, contractors, suppliers, and clients are informed

  • Regular communication with employees and contractors regarding reopening, furlough, or any other employment matter is essential, so that staff feel reassured and aware of any changes
  • Communication with clients and customers should be clear and open, in multiple formats, so that all audiences receive the message – for example, email, social media, or direct mail
  • Suppliers need to be made aware that your business is in the process of reopening. Communicating with then will ensure they can prepare for any orders you may have or begin support retainers again – for example, IT or marketing

Supply and demand: Understanding the needs of the customer

  • This fits in alongside communication. Customers need to be made aware of reduced staffing and reduced supply, which means not all needs may be met. This can fit for any industry and any service that is provided
  • You may need to source other suppliers during your business recovery. Whether this is from an affordability stand point, or that your current supplier will no longer be operating, finding this information out before lockdown is completely lifted, is a sensible idea

Financial: Constantly evaluate your cash flow

  • Evaluating your cash flow on a regular basis, and taking into account the government furlough scheme (now extended until September 2021), should allow you to effectively communicate with employees and clients in regard to what can be achieved during that timeframe
  • If you can, encourage your staff to continue working from home, as this may save money on building costs and fees
  • Government support may still be available (for example the new Recovery Loan Scheme, or the Self Employment Income Support Scheme which is opening for a 4th round of grants covering February to April 2021)
  • If you need further advice or guidance on what financial support is out there for your business during this time, please do get in touch as we will be able to provide specific advice regarding your specific situation

We are hopeful that once this lockdown comes to an end, and with the roll out of the vaccinations business recovery will be fast and more consistent for our many clients. However, for some business recovery may be a slow process after lockdown and we want you to know that there is support and guidance available if you need it.

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